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Is it one of your dreams to become a published writer?


It is so difficult and so expensive these days to get anything into print.


And if your writing is accepted for publication, the publishing company gets all the profit while you have to settle for as little as 10% royalties.


That is rightfully so because they are doing all the advertising and promoting of your book to make it become a best seller.


But now in the great vaults of opportunity of our nation we have a treasure available to everyone called the Internet.


The World Wide Web is a goldmine where every person is welcome to pan out a fortune.


The biggest thing selling on the Internet today is information.  And much of it comes in the form of e-books.  Emotional Intelligence is moving in.  Self-improvement (How To) e-Books will hit the ceiling.


And it is getting easier all the time to compile a writing of any size into PDF (Portable Document Format) and make it available to the world as an e-Book.


Instead of curling up in bed with a good book, the world is turning to relaxing in front of the computer with a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of tea, and reading to their heartís content.


Now do you have something others would want to read?  It doesnít have to be thick books with many volumes.  It can be as little as a one-page report giving instruction on how to do something at which you are an expert.

Everyone has a talent.  Would you like to share your talent with the world?  Now you can, because you can self-publish an article and sell it right here on this site.


And this is not the only place on the Web where you can compile and sell an e-book.  But the more places your book is placed for sale, the better the chance of it becoming a best seller.


And there is no overhead, no inventory, and no shipping to keep up with.  You will be selling a link to your book over and over again.  So the best strategy is to get that link advertised in as many places as possible.


If you publish your book and make it for sale on this site, and this site is promoted everywhere, then your book will get lots of publicity.  But donít stop here.  Find other sites to place your book too.


On this site you will find so many e-books filled with Internet Marketing strategies that it will make your head swim with sweet dreams of success.


So what are you waiting for?  Scroll back to the top and click the button that says "Compile an E-book."  You will be taken to a page with full instructions on how to get your message into print.  Or you can click Speeches here or below.


Then why not browse through the library and find something to read that will give you information on how to become a success on the Internet?


There are still great riches in the vaults of opportunity of our nation; and you have certainly found a good place to start gathering some for yourself and your family.

Warning: Any link you click on this site, and travel to another site, a pdf document, or the sales page, always click your "Back" button to return or you lose your place and get knocked completely off the site.


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by Wes Allen


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