There would be some teenagers who would be curious enough to try new things. They want to explore things that they think they can be suitable to their own life and be able to gain more knowledge from it. They would try to fit in their mother’s clothes and dresses. They would be curious enough to feel what it likes to have the sandals on their feet, putting makeups and other cosmetics to their face as an experiment and even would have the service of microblading near me. They want to experience all of these because they think that they can become a grown woman when they do these stuffs. They think that can be like their moms and be able to have a good look and transform themselves into a new persona. Some would even watch television shows about teenagers having crushes with another person. So, in order to be noticed by their crushes, they would make everything to look good and attractive as well. Some would even want to be looking like their famous idols. But the truth behind all of these things is not good. Teenagers now, don’t know the difference between a want and a need process. Their parents need to wear makeups to look presentable to their clients and celebrities have to apply makeup because they need to look gorgeous in front of the camera. Having a natural look would be better for women or especially young girls. Here are the excellent reasons why it is better not too weak and applies makeup while you are still young and as much as possible prevent yourself in applying these types of cosmetics to make your skin even more beautiful and have a natural beauty. 

  1. By not wearing makeups every time there is a huge possibility that you would get a healthier type of skin. Exposing your skin to different cosmetics would result in great reactions of different chemical contents from the products to your skin. Some skin types might be sensitive to this stuff. It will result in a not so good effect to your skin that might cause skin problems and redness as well that will eventually lead to allergies and spots.  
  1. Some girl would spend most of their time finishing their make-up. It could be time-consuming especially if you have a limited time only. If you are confident enough to go out without makeup. It could save you more time and could do a lot of things with that time that you wasted from applying makeup. 
  1. You would not be bothered by your own conscience. Some people might realize that their skin is getting different from before to now. There would be some changes that may cause you to think twice if you are not going to use it anymore. You would depend on most of your time thinking about becoming beautiful. 
  1. Making yourself free from cosmetics and makeups could save you money from buying those items as some products are totally expensive especially those branded ones.